About Us

Hi there!
I’m Ronnie, founder of MaxLife Global Management and the exciting new ECOBIOTOS™ Project (ECO=ecosystems BIO=life TOS=support)

The ECOBIOTOS™ Blog website is made available to all those wanting to contribute to the welfare of our planet and the people who live on it. By joining in and and expressing your views (constructive / positive) progress can be expected in many important areas of human / planet / species survival.

The whole ECOBIOTOS™ concept revolves around one thing…
a community that is passionate about making this world a better place for all!

This your invitation to join us as a passionate green member.
Investor’s are also invited. We are expecting great things from our GREENBTC crypto!

I invite you to come join us.
(Your choice…FREE or paid membership)

Thank you…and enjoy your day!


The following might be of interest to you..

GREENBTC…Our new and exciting 100% ‘GREEN’ crypto.
A Community driven ‘Multifunctional’ crypto currency which ultimately funds and supports global warming / climate change / ecosystems / social unity / projects and initiatives.
Funding order of preference is voted on by community members.

Know your Co2 footprint. Use our FREE Carbon Footprint calculators.
Consider carbon offsetting.

Any GREEN questions?…Use ENRY…Our environmental AI chatbot.

GREENBIZ DIRECTORY…Global exposure. Get a FREE listing for your green business.

GOGREEN4KIDS WORLD…If you are enjoying the blogs kindly consider becoming a member or making a small donation to our GoGreen4Kids program where we continue to educate and enlighten young (and the not so young) folk on the many benefits of ‘GOING GREEN’
…thank you!